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Times In History

A Traveling Museum

Our traveling museum features a talk and exhibits on the Death and Grand Funeral of Abraham Lincoln.

Program Services & Resources

The Talk

Experience a one hour multi-media presentation with music.  Chuck has presented this program for over 5 years . In 2021, he has been asked to present this program in both Gettysburg National Park and at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.

See Relics

See President Lincoln’s and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln’s hair, a piece of the gallows the conspirators were hung on, a piece of the  bandage that bound his fatal wound, a piece of the wall paper from the room in which the President died. Along with many more exhibits.

Self Contained Programs

The traveling museum brings everything, screen, projector, sound system, all you need to supply is a space and a audience.

Educational, Entertaining & Inspiring

New informational facts on the Lincoln assasination that will leave your patrons talking for days to come! The perfect program for all ages, 8th grade to adult.

Life Masks Of Lincoln

See the 1865 mask done just two weeks prior to his death.

The Gettysburg Address

See a copy of the Gettysburg Address in the Presidents own hand.

Playbills & Artifacts

All the intrigue of a murder mystery with one exception – it’s all true.

Relics That Bring History To Life

Lincoln will bring patrons into your library.

Your Curator

Chuck Lyons is a life long Lincoln scholar and a licensed Illinois Funeral Director/ Embalmer. He holds a B.A. in speech and theater. He also is a civil war reenactor.  


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